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At TIMSA, achieving customer satisfaction is a fundamental objective. We are looking for suppliers that enable us to work within time, quality, cost and technical performance constraints.

Successful candidates looking to become suppliers should demonstrate high ethics and strategic differentiation in competitive pricing, quality procedures and processes, cost and cycle time reduction programs, continuous improvement, technological or service advantages and innovations in delivery of goods or services.

Over the years, TIMSA has established a solid reputation serving government and commercial customers. The contributions of our valued suppliers or vendors have played a integral role in our success.

TIMSA Blue Book

Standards of business ethics and conduct.

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Government security requirements and export regulations require NASSCO to enforce strict access control procedures for all employess and visitors to our facility. All visitors to NASSCO´s facilities, including customers, contractors, suppliers, vendors, and temporary employees, must comply with the following procedures:

I. Each visiting organization or individuals must submitt to TIMSA´s Security Office a visit letter on TIMSA´s Visitor Authorization Letter (VAL) form prior to arrival. The VAL must specify the purpose of the visit, the locations to be accesed, the duration of the requested visit, and the appropriate contact person at TIMSA. In addition, the letter must include the following information on each employee:

TIMSA´s Security Office a visit letter on TIMSA´s Visitor Authorization Letter (VAL)



Our business relies on strong partnerships and productive associations with several supplier types to maintain our production at top quality and turnover excellency. Please keep this information close should you wish to contact us for any of the subjects contained in here:

Main phone number +52 (686) 561 8500


Fabiola Americano Hernández

Ext 172


Francisco Partida Rodríguez

Ext 259


Liliana Álvarez Hernández

Ext 260

Purchasing Supervisor - MRO

Rosario Montaño Cota

Ext 251

Purchasing Supervisor - Raw Material

Luis Ceseña Noriega

Ext 277

Raw Material

Omar Ángel Medina

Ext 235

Steel & Raw Material

Guadalupe Álvarez Cota

Ext 212

Steel & Raw Material

Teresa Martínez Pérez

Ext 283

Warehouse Manager

Xochitl Garcia

Ext 116

Accounts Payable

Silvia Sosa

Ext 186